Monday, September 16, 2013

The very first screening of 'In the Dark of the Forest' was a great success! We finished off the night of wonderful shorts on the Warner Brothers lot. Excited to take this film onward to bigger audiences. Below pictured is my director Ira Edelman and my awesome co-star Leland Karn.

This is such an important story and so relevant to a culture that turns a blind eye to the crime of rape. In my research I read countless stories of girls that have had their entire sense of sexuality stolen from them. These innocent souls, often so young in age, have been taken advantage of, threatened and silenced out of fear. Sickening. These girls are left scarred for life while their predators are often never charged for their crimes.

In lighter news, I had three auditions last week and got the call last night that I won the lead role in another short film! I play a young film student who fights throughout the movie to get rights to her short from a retired author. The two discover that they are more alike than they think. Movie within a movie type of set up and I can't wait to shoot this week!
A working actor is a happy actor :)
All for now.
Au Revoir!

Monday, September 9, 2013

All the Leaves are Brown...

Wait a minute! I live in LA. Meaning September is still Summer time. Hooray? Hooray!

So much happening. By that I mean updates. On the 3rd I shot new pictures with Dana Patrick. Goodness does that lady have an eye for her work. I was most excited that I got to use my little butterflies in my hair. Who doesn't love butterflies, right? It's been a process changing all my sites and ordering and whatnot but hey, its all inside work :)

This week brings two screenings for the projects I worked on this summer. Very excited to dress up and get fancy! I think they'll both be off to the festival circuit so more to come on those.

Audition tomorrow afternoon and who knows what else the week has in store.

'Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know for sure you have.' Oprah

So touched by this quote this weekend. So true. It all comes and goes and we can stress about it all. But why?

Happy thoughts and kindness as we go about our Human Experience this week!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hello you.
Whoever you are, wherever you're from, whenever you will read this.

Life is so short.
So unpredictable.

At most times I feel that all is taken for granted until something happens.
Something big.
Something that forces us to realize that every second is a gift.
Something that makes us see that we are never guaranteed a single second.

Once we discover these truths we may often come back to them, but for me the moments of this realization are but fleeting.
I feel them, know them to be true, and real and yet still find myself fighting to cherish every possible breath that I have.

I am working on it.
Even the sip of water I just took, was grateful that I was able to swallow.
I am grateful for my health.
Grateful for my family and friends. The people I meet each day.
Grateful for the opportunity I have. Each goal I am able to pursue.
Grateful that I woke up this morning. That I was able to breathe freely and rise out of bed without worry.
Grateful, even, for the ability to type this message.
The internet is a funny thing, meaning that I shall never truly know who reads these words, or at what point or if I shall ever know them in real life. I don't need to.

I just needed to write.
To share that life is worth something.
That we all have something to share and give and take what little we deserve.
I believe that.
I know that this life is short but I am blessed with the promise of tomorrow too. Whether it be here or elsewhere.
It goes on.
Once we recognize, so should we.


Friday, March 8, 2013

February Wrap-Up

3-8 Hours per day updating and submitting and editing.
Average of 3-5 Auditions a week. Booked a short.
Working at the zoo, a bar, as a hockey mascot and a college student.
Filming two shorts in 48 hours.

Welcome to my February!
It was a complete and utter whirlwind. How I lived to write about it? Not sure.

Things are rolling and they're rolling fast. I relish each moment.
Most, if not all, of my success in getting out on auditions came from my amazing new lens! My boyfriend and I shoot each others headshots. We have a simple Canon Rebel xi with a f.1.4 lens. For portraits its proved amazing. I used an editing program called Portrait Professional.
The results are pretty fun.

The only downside is the time to go shoot, not getting at each others throats and EDITING. Hands down to all you editors in the world, tedious work.

Speaking of editing, I also have a completely new acting reel which can be found here:

Many clips, old but mostly NEW :)
It wasn't easy. I started getting bad headaches and would have the sorest tush ever!
I do enjoy being able to say that my work is my own though.
My favorite job this month was being the elephant mascot on the ABC Family Show "Baby Daddy". Hilarious show, really amazing cast and crew.
On the set with Tahj Mowry and Melissa Peterman

Just a few short and sweet updates for now. In case you're just dying to know, my Valentines Day was wonderful. I got four different kinds of beautiful flowers and a clean house. Also treated to dinner. Very nice break from the hustle and bustle.

Hope life is treating you well in every way.
Live. Love. and Laugh it up! :)

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Sunday, January 27, 2013


Blog. So much pressure for the first entry! For years I've kept track of my words and my adventures in books. I still will continue to do that. I will also be sharing my words online for the sake of letting friends and followers have a better idea of my journey as an actor.

Being an actor is a funny thing. My job is essentially to become and live in the lives of other people. To act and react naturally in the realm of make believe. I find acting to be a rewarding, greatly satisfying and incredibly personal craft. It's an addictive necessary and magic in my life.

2013 marks three years in Los Angeles for me. It seems crazy. I'll never forget my first apartment and literally driving around street after street with one of my best friends, Matt, and calling every vacancy sign we could find. Finally we got a quick showing and found home in Holly-weird. The view of the Hollywood sign from our balcony was a daily reminder of what I was pursuing. I slept on a futon I bought for $75 bucks on craigslist. A year in the heart of it all. Seems like it was just yesterday.

To get my feet wet in film, and have some income, I started doing background work. Background aka "atmosphere" aka "extras" aka "cockroaches of the industry" has been an eye opening experience. I feel like I've been to film school based on the experiences I've had in 3 years. I've learned terminologies, the definitions of roles on a set and watched some of the greatest actors of my time. It's been the best job for me. Currently I spend most of my jobs standing in and photo-doubling with some commercial work where the compensation is a bit better. I like to call it being promoted.

Much has happened in that span. As time goes by I will reminisce some more and share new stories and such.

I leave you with this advice that my cardio barre instructor told us last week:
Everything will be alright in the end. If its not right, then it isn't the end!

Much love and good tidings to all