Monday, September 16, 2013

The very first screening of 'In the Dark of the Forest' was a great success! We finished off the night of wonderful shorts on the Warner Brothers lot. Excited to take this film onward to bigger audiences. Below pictured is my director Ira Edelman and my awesome co-star Leland Karn.

This is such an important story and so relevant to a culture that turns a blind eye to the crime of rape. In my research I read countless stories of girls that have had their entire sense of sexuality stolen from them. These innocent souls, often so young in age, have been taken advantage of, threatened and silenced out of fear. Sickening. These girls are left scarred for life while their predators are often never charged for their crimes.

In lighter news, I had three auditions last week and got the call last night that I won the lead role in another short film! I play a young film student who fights throughout the movie to get rights to her short from a retired author. The two discover that they are more alike than they think. Movie within a movie type of set up and I can't wait to shoot this week!
A working actor is a happy actor :)
All for now.
Au Revoir!

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